5 Signs Vinyl Cladding Is Right for You

Wondering if vinyl cladding is right for you? Well, it offers a lot of advantages, but it isn't right in every situation. Here are five signs you should consider vinyl cladding. 1. Your Home Needs an Update Is your existing paint peeling? Is your old vinyl siding knackered and worn out? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to consider new vinyl cladding. It's possible to put vinyl cladding over existing wood exterior, but you can also remove existing vinyl siding and replacing it with new cladding. Read More 

How to Prepare for a Tiny Home Building Inspection

One of the biggest misconceptions with tiny home building is that no inspection is necessary. The truth is, there are certain building inspection services you will need to consider with your tiny home, especially if you will be staying in one spot rather than using the tiny home as a mobile or traveling home alternative to caravans. With that in mind, there are some ways you can prepare for the building inspections on your tiny home in the early stages of the building process. Read More 

Forsaking Break-ins: Choosing The Best Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Windows

The windows of your home form the weakest links in your home's defences against burglars and other unwanted intruders, but unless you feel like boarding them up and living by candlelight, they are security flaws you will inevitably have to live with. However, there are varieties of windows that provide far more protection against home invasion than standard panes of glass. As such, if you feel like your home security measures need beefing up, consider installing the following window types to protect your family and valuables: Read More 

5 Essential Building Supplies You Need to Create a Treehouse

If you are building a treehouse, you need timber, but beyond that, you need a few more building supplies. The exact tools and supplies you need vary based on your objectives and your designs, but you may want to consider the following essentials. They can help make the process easier and more fun. 1. Treehouse Attachment Bolt The treehouse attachment bolt is a heavy duty building supply. Essentially, it's a weight bearing anchor that you put into the trunk of your tree. Read More 

Why Timely Replacement of Air Conditioner Filters Is an Integral Part of General Maintenance

Air conditioners are primarily designed to moderate indoor temperatures by either cooling or warming up the air inside a building. General maintenance of air conditioners is critical to ensuring the equipment keeps running properly in times of need. One of things that needs to be checked during general maintenance is the air conditioner filters. If the air filters are dirty or clogged, they will require replacement.  Unfortunately, many air conditioner users often fail to check and replace their air filters as required because they do not understand the importance of doing so. Read More