Ways to Bring a Natural Ambience into Your Kitchen Design

Even though the kitchen is a room packed with hard surfaces, it doesn't have to look sterile. During a renovation, you can focus on creating a natural and soothing aesthetic. Here's how.

Natural Materials

Luckily, organic materials such as stone and timber are crafted into varied kitchen components. You can lay stone tiles along the splashback or on the floor. One possibility, slate, comes in blue greys and tans, or you could opt for travertine in soft tans and creams. Bluestone floor tiles will bring a rugged feeling into the room. As far as countertops go, you could choose granite, which is especially durable, or marble, which is more susceptible to etching from acidic food and drinks. A highly polished slab will evoke sophistication, while a subtler finish will appear more organic.

Timber, which is made into floorboards, cabinet doors, and countertops, is also highly versatile. If you want an airy room, use pale-toned wood flooring to reflect the light around the space. If you want a unique kitchen, look for reclaimed wood that you could use to build a custom island or wall shelves.

Soothing Colours

A stylish colour that is everywhere in nature and is beautiful indoors is green. Using one of its many variations can add an earthy quality to the design. For a fresh look, pair cool sage cabinetry with crisp white walls. On the other hand, you could make a statement with deep forest-green walls and cabinets that stand out against a white marble countertop and splashback. If you can't decide exactly which shade of green you love, install 3-dimensional tiles on the splashback in a combination of various green shades. This gives a natural effect, mimicking as it does the different leaf shades on trees.


With bigger windows and glass doors, you can get a better view of the garden and feel more connected to nature. If you can't extend the window, does the layout allow you to place a mirror or a mirrored tile splashback opposite the window? This will emphasise the view. Another alternative is a skylight, which will fill the room with a welcoming ambience.

Larger openings to the outside will naturally allow more light to enter, which will make the room seem bigger—an added advantage. Plus, if you can see further from inside, the room itself will feel more expansive as your viewpoint is not blocked and the room doesn't feel so enclosed. Ask a company that specialises in custom kitchens for more ideas on how to use the trend of nature-inspired design to make the room feel calmer.

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