Where Are Pavement Line Markings Needed in Your Parking Lot?

If you have just had a parking lot installed on your commercial property, then you might still be waiting for the asphalt to dry. Once it dries, you'll need to have pavement line marking done. Basically, this is the process of having stripes and other markings professionally applied to your parking lot. If you're wondering about the different types of pavement line markings that you might need to have added to your parking lot, you can check out this list.

Parking Spaces

Of course, one of the main things that you'll need to hire a pavement line marking service for is to have parking spaces designated in your parking lot. This can help you be sure that you get the most parking out of your parking lot, even if it's smaller in size. It can provide your customers and employees with instructions about where they should park.

Handicapped Parking Spaces

In addition to having regular parking spaces, you will also need to have handicapped parking spaces available for disabled patrons. This might be required by law, depending on where your business is located, and it is something you'll probably want to offer to be sure that all of your customers are accommodated. A pavement line marking service can help with putting in lines to designate where your handicapped parking spaces are located, but you may want to install signs that point out these parking spots, too.

No Parking Zones

There might be certain areas of your parking lot where you don't want anyone to park. With appropriate line markings that are added by a professional, you can be sure that your patrons and others can easily identify the areas of your parking lot where you would prefer for them not to park.

Loading Zones

You might run a business that ships out or receives products that are needed to provide your customers with products and services. You may want to have a nice loading area that can be used for loading and unloading trucks. To discourage other people from parking in these areas, and to make sure that truck drivers know where to go when they arrive at your property, you should consider having pavement markings added to designate where your loading zones are located. Before you have these markings added, take the time to carefully assess where your loading zones should be and what size they should be. Then, you can be sure that the markings are put in the right place.

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