Why Install Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors?

If you can't decide whether to install hinged or sliding doors on your wardrobe, then you might find bi-fold doors a good alternative. These doors share some of the advantages of both sliding and hinged doors.

How do bi-fold wardrobe doors work and what are the advantages of using them?

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors combine sliding and hinged movements. When you open a door to start with, it slides across and concertinas together with at least one other door. When you reach the end of this particular door sandwich, the folded door opens out of the wardrobe like a hinged door would.

What Are the Benefits of Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors?

Bi-fold doors solve some of the problems that you might have with hinged or full sliding doors. They also share some good points with both these doors.

For example, if you want to install hinged doors on your wardrobes, you need a certain amount of clearance space. Each door needs this space to open fully. However, this reduces your useable space around the front of your wardrobe.

Bi-fold doors do need some clearance space at the end of their fold. They do need to open out, after all. However, you usually find that these doors don't need as much room to open as a traditional swing-to-open product; bi-fold doors tend to be narrower.

Also, you can set up the doors to open outwards at a specific point in the room. So, you could make this happen by a wall or in a corner where space isn't at such a premium. The rest of your wardrobe frontage wouldn't necessarily need any significant clearance space at all.

While sliding doors also don't need opening clearance, they do have limitations. When these doors are opened, they block off part of your wardrobe and its contents. The final panel of the door sits in front of part of the wardrobe.

If you use bi-fold doors, the final opening mechanism pulls the door out from the front of the wardrobe and moves it to the side. This ensures that your doors won't block off any wardrobe space especially if you design the doors to sit on the edge of the wardrobe's side.

To see examples of bi-fold doors and how they might work in your build, talk to custom wardrobes companies. They can help you design doors that suit your wardrobes and the space you have in your bedroom.