5 Decisions to Make When Designing a Stonework Splashback

A stonework splashback is simultaneously decorative and functional. This type of splashback is growing in popularity, but there's no one-size-fits-all option. If you want a stonework splashback, there are numerous decisions you need to make.  

Small or Full Wall?

Depending on the design of your kitchen, you may want a stonework splashback that just covers a small area above your stovetop. Some people run these splashbacks the entire width of the stove, from the stove to the hood fan. Others opt for a small framed area of stones.

Alternatively, you can do a full wall of stonework. Some people like to line the entire area between their countertops and cabinets with stonework. Others take a hybrid approach and put stonework over the oven, around the windows and in other accent areas.

Complement or Contrast?

If you have polished stone countertops, stone floor tiles or other stone elements in your kitchen, you may want your splashback to match those areas. However, if you can't get a match that satisfies you, you may want to consider a contrasting effect. For example, if you have lots of red tones in your flooring, you may want to go for stones with more green hues for your splashback.

Rugged or Smooth?

Once you narrow in on a colour scheme, you have to think about texture. You can go with polished tiles or stones that feel silky smooth to the touch. Alternatively, you can opt for stones that are bumpy and rugged, much like natural stones.

Bricks or Rocks?

Typically, if you decide to go for a smooth effect, you have to choose stonework tiles or bricks that have been smoothed down, but if you decide that you like a rugged look, you can choose between bricks or rocks.

Basically, rocks or stones are shaped as if they have been plucked from nature and placed on your walls. Bricks, in contrast, can have the rugged feel of a natural stone, but they are cut in geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, etc.) that fit conveniently together.

Local or Exotic?

Finally, you have to decide where you want the stonework to come from. If you prefer to use local products for environmental reasons, that points you in the right direction for your project. Otherwise, to decide from an aesthetic level, you should ask a stonework company to show you samples of their local rocks as well as rocks from other sites. Then, you can decide what you like the best.