5 Ways to Split Up the Lots in a Subdivision Without Using Fences

If you're designing a subdivision and you don't like the look of fences, you may want to explore different ways to create boundaries between the lots. If you are going to help set up the covenants for the property owners in that area, you may also want to include a fence ban in the list of rules. However, to make it easier for your future residents to live without fences, you may also want to consider the following ideas.

1. Shrubs

Shrubs can be an extremely effective ways to create boundaries between subdivisions without using fences. There are a range of different shrubs that grow effectively in Australia. To add colour, you may want to choose flowering shrubs.

2. Trees

If you're worried that the future residents of these subdivisions may not keep up the shrubs, you may want to opt for rows of trees instead. Dwarf trees or fruit trees are fun options to consider. You may want to stay away from shade trees, as they require a lot of maintenance.

Regardless of the exact trees you select, you may want to put all the trees firmly on one side of the property line. If you put the trees directly on the property line between the subdivisions, there may be arguments on who has to take care of the trees once the lots have been sold.

3. Different Levels

The subdivision doesn't all have to be on the same level. You may want to set up each lot of the subdivision so that it's on a different level from the lot next to it. Then, you can emphasize the barriers with retaining walls or similar structures.

4. Common Areas

If you haven't parceled up the subdivision yet, you may want to set it up so that there are common areas between the lots. Unfortunately, this option may not work if you have to pack lots of small lots into the subdivision, but for large subdivisions with large lots, it's definitely something to consider.

For instance, if you have several lots backed up to each other, you could split them up with a shared park or a community garden. You could also use walking paths to split up various lots.

5. Invisible Fences

You may even want to consider adding invisible fences between the lots. Of course, these fences are not visible to your human tenants, but they can work to keep dogs in their respective lots.

To get more ideas or helping developing your subdivision, you may want to contact a contractor who specializes in subdivisions.