Road Line Marking: 4 Things You Will Need to Complete the Job

Once you have finished constructing a road or parking lot, you will need to paint lines onto the road surface so drivers can navigate when driving and parking their vehicles. The easiest way to do this is to use a road line marking machine. However, to do the job correctly, you will also need a few other things. Below is a guide to these additional items and things:

A measuring tape

The measuring tape will allow you to properly plan out and map the lines you wish to paint. You should never attempt to guess the distance when laying lines. If you are laying lines in a car park, this could result in the spaces being too narrow to accommodate a vehicle. If you are painting lines on a road, you must be sure that they comply with road traffic laws.

A stencil

If you plan to include special shapes on the road surface or car park, such as an image of a wheelchair in each disabled car parking spot, you should make a stencil. Simply take a piece of strong cardboard and draw an outline of the image you wish to paint on the road. You should then use a craft knife to cut this image out, leaving you with a silhouette of space which is in the shape of the image you wish to paint. To add an image, simply position the cardboard on the floor and spray paint onto the stencil.

A roll of marker tape

Once you have measured out the area, you should use marker tape to indicate where each line will go. This tape will give you something to aim for when you fire up the line marking machine and will help to prevent you from going off course.

A partner

While it is possible to operate a line marking machine on your own, it is always best to have a partner with you. When you are walking with the line marking machine, it can be hard to see the track of the line you are making and how to relates to the surrounding area. By asking a partner to work with you, you can have a second pair of eyes. You should ask your partner to stand some distance away, so they have a clear perspective of your position and the paint which is being put down onto the road surface.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a road marking company today.