3 Important Considerations When Choosing An Internal Staircase For Your Second Floor Extension

If you're extending your home by adding a second floor, then you're probably very excited about creating a larger home with a considerable amount of increased living space. One of the most important aspects of adding a second floor is adding an internal staircase to provide access to your new rooms.

Although all stairs serve the same basic function, there is an enormous variety of different styles and materials available on today's market. Here are three key considerations that are involved with choosing the perfect internal staircase for your home.

1. Choose a professional staircase contractor

Many general construction companies are capable of installing an internal staircase. However, for the most professional and well-designed result, it's important to use the services of an experienced contractor who specialises in staircase design, construction and installation.

A specialised contractor will be able to help you design a staircase that is perfectly suited to the style of your home, your personal preferences and the space you have available to house your new staircase. They will also have experience with a wider variety of materials, which significantly broadens the scope for beautiful, unique and contemporary design.

2. Choose the materials you'd like to use

Traditionally, staircases were constructed almost exclusively out of timber. These days, timber is still a popular choice but materials such as glass, steel, and even concrete are popular and contemporary choices for internal staircase construction.

Often, a combination of different materials is used to produce a unique and stunning staircase that is an eye-catching feature as well as a functional addition. For example, glass balustrades or stair treads can be teamed with steel supports and timber railings to create an urban and chic look that is light, bright and textural.

3. Choose the style of staircase design

There is a truly spectacular range of different staircase designs available. Standard closed stairs are still commonly used but if you'd like something less traditional and more contemporary, then you won't find yourself short of inspiration and exciting options.

Popular choices for staircase design include cantilevered stairs, curved stairs, scissor stairs and mono-stringer stairs. Even the spiral staircase that was so popular during the 80s has been given a modern and stylish revamp. The best way to get a better idea about which design style you like best is to visit the design gallery of your chosen staircase contractor to see their previous work.