5 Signs Vinyl Cladding Is Right for You

Wondering if vinyl cladding is right for you? Well, it offers a lot of advantages, but it isn't right in every situation. Here are five signs you should consider vinyl cladding.

1. Your Home Needs an Update

Is your existing paint peeling? Is your old vinyl siding knackered and worn out? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to consider new vinyl cladding. It's possible to put vinyl cladding over existing wood exterior, but you can also remove existing vinyl siding and replacing it with new cladding.

2. You Are Tired Painting

Wood siding is charming, but it isn't always practical for busy lives. If you are tired of staining or painting your home, you may want to upgrade to vinyl cladding. You simply choose a colour, and then, you install the cladding. You don't have to worry about repainting.

Some companies offer a catalogue of options, but in other cases, you can actually customise the cladding to be the colour you like. Ultimately, it depends on what the manufacturer offers.

3. You Want a Maintenance-Free Solution

In addition to painting, a lot of siding requires other types of maintenance such as cleaning. With vinyl siding, you don't have to take those steps. If you ever want to clean the siding, you can easily wash it with some soap and water.

4. You Are Tired of Paint Bubbling in the Sun

If you live in a hot sunny area, you may notice the effects of UV rays on your existing paint. In particular, the UV rays can cause the paint to fade or bubble. If you are tired of that effect, it may be time to move to UV-resistant vinyl cladding.

This option can also be more resistant to other types of corrosion than wood and paint. For instance, if you live near the sea, your home may get hit with salty water, or it may be affected from salt residue from the sea. Salt can wear down all kinds of materials, but if you get vinyl cladding that has been coated with a corrosion resistant surface, you don't have to worry about that type of damage.

5. You Like the Look

It's your home, and you want it to look beautiful. Some homeowners prefer stucco, wood, or paint. However, it's up to you. If you like the idea of vinyl, you should contact an expert to talk about cladding.