How to Prepare for a Tiny Home Building Inspection

One of the biggest misconceptions with tiny home building is that no inspection is necessary. The truth is, there are certain building inspection services you will need to consider with your tiny home, especially if you will be staying in one spot rather than using the tiny home as a mobile or traveling home alternative to caravans. With that in mind, there are some ways you can prepare for the building inspections on your tiny home in the early stages of the building process.

Purchase Pre-Inspected and Certified Materials

One way that many people try to reduce the cost of building their tiny home is to go with recycled and upcycled materials. This may mean purchasing former barn wood to be used as your flooring or walls. Unfortunately, this wood may have damage that could lead to an issue during inspection. To avoid this, you can go to a dealer that has already inspected the materials and certified they are in good shape with no damage that would cause a failed inspection.

Check for Recalls

When you think about recalls, you may think about them as the pertain to food or other items. The truth is, some household building materials and items may be on a recall list for various environmental reasons. This means they can not be used in your tiny home building plans. If they are used, it could derail your building inspection until the item is removed. This could be increasingly costly if you are using a recalled item such as specific types of pipes throughout the home and you are now facing a total plumbing overhaul.  Recall lists are available through manufacturers, contractor sites and social media sites as well.

Gather Permits in Advance

You will likely need certain permits for building your tiny home. These may relate to where you are building the tiny home, how you are building the tiny home and other related construction permits. There are several reasons for gathering these permits in advance. One of the leading ones is that these permits will generally tell you what limitations or guidelines are in place for your building materials and other aspects that pertain to your inspection. This gives you a glimpse into what you will need to do in advance to prepare for the inspection as well as let you know if there are any changes that you need to make before construction begins.

By keeping these methods in mind, you can become better prepared for the building inspection that is applicable to your tiny home. If you have questions regarding the inspection as they pertain to your tiny home and land, consider a consultation with a local building inspection contractor.