Forsaking Break-ins: Choosing The Best Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Windows

The windows of your home form the weakest links in your home's defences against burglars and other unwanted intruders, but unless you feel like boarding them up and living by candlelight, they are security flaws you will inevitably have to live with. However, there are varieties of windows that provide far more protection against home invasion than standard panes of glass. As such, if you feel like your home security measures need beefing up, consider installing the following window types to protect your family and valuables:

Double glazing

Having double glazed windows installed in your home can provide a wide range of benefits; they muffle outdoor sources of noise, effectively insulate your home against both heat and cold, and can dramatically increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell up. However, double glazing is also a boon to home security.

It is not just the added thickness of a second pane of glass that makes double glazing an attractive security choice. Their reinforced frames are built to hold the strength of heavy double-glazed panes and are themselves very resistant to being broken or forced open. As such, burglars trying to break through double glazed windows inevitably have to break the glass, alerting you and your neighbours to the threat if they even get that far.

Tempered glass

This specialised type of glass is heat-treated to provide added strength and resistance to shattering, and even a single-glazed pane of tempered glass creates a redoubtable obstacle for burglars. While significantly more expensive than conventional window glass, it is also considerably cheaper than most other high -security window options, making it an attractive prospect for improving your home security on a modest budget.

Laminated glass

These types of glass are used routinely in car windows, and consist of a thin, reinforcing layer of clear plastic which is pressed tightly between two panes of glass. While more expensive than tempered glass, laminated glass provides even more protection, and is especially resistant to being shattered. Even heavy striking blows that break the glass do not break the window, as the adhesive plastic keeps the fragments of glass firmly in places and forces the intruder to bash or cut their way through -- not a subtle approach to say the least.

Plexiglass and polycarbonate glass

These 'glasses' are actually made from durable, transparent thermoplastics but are more or less indistinguishable from true glass unless closely inspected. Unlike glass, these sheets of plastic are flexible, making them highly resistant to heavy impacts to the point where many varieties are sold as 'unbreakable'. However, while these plastics provide exemplary security, they can become scratched and unsightly over time -- consequently, they are best used to secure buildings where looks are less important, such as sheds and garages.

Aluminium window frames

Any window is only as strong and durable as the frames that hold it in place, and purchasing expensive double-glazed windows for security will be a complete waste of time if you fit them in fragile timber or uPVC frames. To completely prevent burglars from entering your home through your windows, consider having your windows fitted in aluminium frames. These frames can be quite expensive, but are immensely strong and durable, and will not rust unlike other metals.