How to choose the perfect bricklayers

If you are looking for bricklaying services, you must be sure that you only consider bricklayers who have been properly trained and who will provide you with a solid construction that will last for many years. A good bricklayer will have received training in the proper construction of a wide variety of structures using blocks or bricks held in place with mortar. They will know how to transport bricks safely around the construction site, how to mix concrete and how to build scaffolding. Must crucially of all, they will know how to construct straight, sound walls that will create the exterior of your building. In addition to these basic skills most bricklayers will know how to lay foundations, build fireplaces and install even staircases and similar features that you may need in your building.

With all these skills a bricklayer is clearly a vital member of your construction team, but how can you know if a bricklayer truly possesses the right skills and experience to make your job a success?

Are they qualified and insured?

Having the right paperwork is vital to the success of your building project. What qualifications can the bricklayer show you to demonstrate their abilities? Have they completed a recognised apprenticeship? It is just as important to make sure that your bricklayers are covered by suitable public liability and income protection insurance. You don't want to be left with serious problems if something goes wrong with the job or if one of the workers injures themselves on the site and is unable to work.

Do they offer the right services?

Most bricklayers offer a range of services, but you should always check that your chosen bricklayer is able to accomplish everything needed to complete the project. Are they familiar with working in a commercial or residential environment? Do they know how to lay concrete footings or build any retaining walls that may be needed? Go through the project with them step by step to avoid any misunderstandings once the project has begun.

Ask for references

Talk to past clients and see if they are still happy with the bricklayer's work. They may have been happy at the time but not all problems manifest immediately. Don't be afraid to give past clients a call and find out what they think now.

When you are satisfied that all your questions have been answered and that your bricklayers fully understand what's involved, you can ask them for a quote to complete the work, confident that the price quoted will accurately represent the amount of work involved in completing the job.